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Single-file C libraries under the MIT license, mostly graphics related. Documentation can be found at the top of each header file, but some libraries have an accompanying blog post. The most useful ones are listed in the following table.

library description link
par_camera_control.h orbit controller, or pan-and-zoom like Google Maps demo project
par_octasphere.h malloc-free mesh gen for spheres and rounded cuboids blog post
par_streamlines.h triangulate wide lines and curves blog post
par_string_blocks.h string manager for snippets of Lua or GLSL
par_shapes.h generate parametric surfaces and other simple shapes blog post

There are more libraries too but they're probably less useful; scroll to the bottom of this README.


To run tests, you need CMake and pkg-config. On macOS, these can be installed with homebrew:

$ brew install cmake pkg-config

Here's how you can tell CMake to use the CMakeLists in the test folder, placing all the messy stuff in a new folder called build.

$ cmake test -Bbuild   # Create makefiles
$ cmake --build build  # Invoke the build

The tests are executed by simply running the programs:

$ build/test_bubbles
$ build/test_shapes
$ build/test_octasphere

code formatting

This library's code style is strictly enforced to be vertically dense (no consecutive newlines) and 100 columns or less.

The tools/ script invokes a two-step code formatting process:

  1. Runs uncrustify with our custom configuration. This auto-formats all code in the root folder, up to a point.
  2. Checks for violations that are not otherwise enforced with uncrustify.

The aforementioned Python script is also invoked from Travis, but using the --check option, which checks for conformance without editing the code.

Beyond what our uncrustify configuration enforces, the Python script does the following:

  • Checks that no lines are more than 100 chars.
  • Checks for extra newlines before an end brace.

other libraries

library description link
par_bluenoise.h generate progressive 2D point sequences blog post
par_bubbles.h pack circles into hierarchical diagrams blog post
par_easings.h Robert Penner's easing functions
par_easycurl.h simple HTTP requests using libcurl
par_filecache.h LRU caching on your device's filesystem
par_sprune.h efficient broad-phase collision detection in 2D web demo
par_msquares.h unmaintained marching squares library (do not use) blog post


single-file C libraries from Philip Allan Rideout







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