Download and visualize Strava paths with D3 and Google Maps.
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sfpaths is a pet project that allows quick visualization of a set of Strava paths.

See my blog entry for more about this.

Flask Server

The script launches a little Flask server that logs in to Strava, collects all the Lat-Long data, then generates a consolidated and minimal JSON file called tracks.json.

Javascript App

The docs folder contains a statically-served web app that loads up the aforementioned JSON file. It uses D3 and the Google Maps API.

The Javascript app uses flexbox CSS and has a responsive layout for mobile portrait, mobile landscape, and desktop.

Unlike the flask server, the Javascript app does not talk to the Strava API directly.

To be done

lonScale = d3.time.scale().domain(dateList).range(lonList).clamp(true);
latScale = d3.time.scale().domain(dateList).range(latList).clamp(true);