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import datetime
import random
from .models import GiveawaySubmission
from moneywagon import get_current_price, Transaction
from pybitcointools import history, mktx, sign
def perform_giveaway(dry_run=True, giveaway_private_key=None):
giveaway_address = '1K65TijR56S4CcwjXBnecYEKmTNrMag5uq'
#giveaway_address = '1BUxsE6s6Kkpwn4ZQiYuu3zVAtVffJEyDP' # for testing
tx = Transaction('btc')
tx.add_input(giveaway_address, giveaway_private_key)
giveaway_balance = tx.total_input_satoshis() / 1e8
to_be_given_away = giveaway_balance * 0.02
dollars_per_btc, source = get_current_price('btc', 'usd')
print "%.8f BTC (%.2f USD) in donate address %.8f BTC (%.2f USD) will be given away" % (
giveaway_balance, giveaway_balance * dollars_per_btc,
to_be_given_away, to_be_given_away * dollars_per_btc
drawing_date =
week_ago = drawing_date - datetime.timedelta(days=7)
raw_submissions = list(GiveawaySubmission.objects.filter(
# for now, try to send to unique addresses instead of multiple entries to
# the same address. This code should be removed when there are more unique
# entries per drawing.
all_submissions = []
for sub in raw_submissions:
if sub.address not in [x.address for x in all_submissions]:
submission_count = len(all_submissions) #.count()
print submission_count, "submissions received"
if submission_count == 0:
target_count = int(submission_count / 1.0)
reward_amount = to_be_given_away / target_count
print "%d submissions (half of all submissions) will be each awarded %.8f BTC (%.2f USD)" % (
reward_amount, reward_amount * dollars_per_btc
payout_amount_satoshi = int(reward_amount * 1e8)
# replace the last 3 digits in the amount with "887" so the extenstion
# can know it has been awarded.
payout_amount_satoshi_encoded = int("%s887" % str(payout_amount_satoshi)[:-3])
print "satoshi award:", payout_amount_satoshi
print "encoded reward:", payout_amount_satoshi_encoded
# this is theamount each potential winner needs to have to hae tipped to be
# eligible for a payout.
min_tip_amount = 0.04 / dollars_per_btc
total_awarded_satoshi = 0
while len(tx.outs) < target_count:
candidate = random.choice(all_submissions)
if candidate.is_eligible(min_tip_amount):
print "** Winner!", candidate
candidate.winner = True
total_awarded_satoshi += payout_amount_satoshi_encoded
print "Rejected, Not eligible", candidate
print "Total satoshis added to giveaway TX:", total_awarded_satoshi
if not dry_run:
print tx.get_hex()
raw_input("Press enter to push TX, ctrl-c to cancel")
print tx.push()
print tx.get_hex()