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Scala Plotting Library
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SPlot Logo

Scala 2D Plotting library.

Build Status License

Version: 0.4.0-SNAPSHOT

Documentation for latest release version (0.4.0) is available at

SPlot is a poor-man replacement of matplotlib Python library for Scala.

Current version of this library is available on maven central at these coordinates

libraryDependencies += "xyz.devfortress.splot" % "splot-core_2.12" % "0.4.0"

It can plot line plots, scatter plots, arbitrary closed polygons, heatmap plots etc.

To try it out type following into your Ammonite-REPL

import $ivy.`xyz.devfortress.splot::splot-core:0.4.0`, xyz.devfortress.splot._
import Math._
import java.util.Random

def f(x: Double)(implicit rnd: Random): Double =
  (rnd.nextDouble * 0.3  + 1) * sin(x + 0.1 * (rnd.nextDouble - 0.5))

val fig = new Figure(
  title = "Periodic signal with random phase shift and amplitude",
  xLabel = "t - time",
  yLabel = "Signal Level",
  showGrid = true

implicit val rnd = new Random
val data = (0.0 to 20 by 0.1).map(x => (x, f(x)))

fig.plot(data, lw = 2, color = "blue"), 600)
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