Sass Base is a small collection of CSS mixins using SASS picked best parts from Yahoo YUI CSS and Blueprint CSS. I'll try to keep Sass Base as minimum as possible. Use it and fork it as you wish, merge requests are always welcome!
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== What is Microgrid?

Microgrid is very minimal but dynamic grid inspired by Blueprint Grid. 

== How to install it?

I'm using it together with sass (3.0 and up) and compass (0.10 and up).

Copy microgrid.sass to your sass files dir and import it from your application sass file:

@import "microgrid"

== How it is useful?

Microgrid lets you do grid similar to Blueprint but with
very nice dynamic widths:

  +column(600px)          # => usual column

  +column(300px, last)   # => last column in the row

  +column                 # => wide column (default is 975px)

== Credits

Thanks goes to Chris Eppstein for promoting Sass mixins and creating Compass!
Grid is inspired from Bluepirnt CSS (