RDoc generator that turns ruby documentation into Dictionary.app file on Mac.


This gem adds rubydictionary formatter to RDoc.


You will need latest Command Line Tools for Xcode.

Dictionary Development Kit

Since OS X Mountain Lion, Dictionary Development Kit required to build dictionaries is not included by default with developer tools.

Dictionary Development Kit can be downloaded from Downloads for Apple Developers page and it is inside Auxiliary Tools for Xcode package. You must copy Dictionary Development Kit manually to /Developer/Extras folder.


gem install rubydictionary

Building dictionary

Run rubydictionary in your source code directory. For example for source of Sinatra:

rubydictionary \
            --dict-name=Sinatra \

If everything goes well, you should now have Sinatra.dictionary file under ./doc/objects directory. Drop it into ~/Library/Dictionaries/ folder.

If Dictionary Development Kit is located somewhere else than in /Developer/Extras (which is recommended in 10.9+), you can specify the path for it with --kit-path option:

    rubydictionary \
            --dict-name=Sinatra \
            --dict-id=com.sinatrarb.Dictionary \


See the Github contributors page.