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A Twitter Bootstrap Theme based on the Molokai colorscheme for vim.
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Bootstrap Molokai

Bootstrap Molokai is a theme for Bootstrap based on the Molokai colorscheme for vim.

The theme currently supports Bootstrap v3.1.1.

A sample page, showing off the theme can be found in the sample directory(blatantly ripped from Bootswatch).

A live demo can be found at


Simply copy dist/css/bootstrap.css over your bootstrap.css file.

The Mezzanine CMS uses Bootstrap in addition to custom CSS classes. Theming for both Bootstrap and Mezzanine is provided by the dist/css/mezzanine.css file. It is intended to replace your bootstrap.css file.

Tweaking and Compiling

To customize the colors, edit the molokai.less or mezzanine.less files, then compile the CSS files using the script:


The newly compiled files, along with their minified versions, will be output to the dist/css directory.


Make sure to build the final CSS files using the script before submitting a pull request.

To upgrade the version of Bootstrap used, replace the files in the bootstrap folder with the files from the new version. Make sure to bump the "Supported Version" number at the beginning of this file.

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