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The PatternFly demo app serves as a demo for building your app with PatternFly, React.JS, and WebComponents.

Image of PatternFly Image of React Image of WebComponents

This app also attempts to showcase our abilities with custom element interop and new webcomponent standards.

You can find our pf-tabs component here.


The main demo can be found here.


Install webpack globally:

npm install webpack -g

Install project node modules:

npm i


For development with BrowserSync run:

webpack --config build/webpack.config.js
npm start


For production, you will want to compile your webpack bundle.

webpack -p --config build/webpack.config.js

The resulting build will be in the dist folder.

Extending the Demo App


All js references loaded in src/js/main.js will be chunked by webpack and loaded in a single file, dist/main.bundle.js. Feel free to add your own JS scripts and require them in the bundle.

If you would like to add d3.js or c3.js charts to your page, include the charts bundle in dist/charts.bundle.js.


All HTML documents added to src/html are copied as-is to the dist folder.


Less/css is written to a file via the extract-text plugin. You can write any custom less in src/less/custom.less and it will be compiled to dist/custom.css which can be referenced in your HTML.

Note that images and fonts referenced in your custom css are automatically inlined via webpack url-loader.

Webpack dev notes

You will want to copy any html or images that are referenced in html tags to your dist folder via the copy-webpack plugin. An alternative is to source images in your js/jsx templates and html-loader can compress them.

        new CopyWebpackPlugin([
                from: { glob:'./src/html/*.html'},
                to: './',
                flatten: true
                from: { glob: 'node_modules/patternfly/dist/img/*.*'},
                to: './img',
                flatten: true

WebpackDevMiddleware / Hot Module Replacement

While developing and making to changes to src files, you should see changes propagate immediately to the browser. Files are also updated in the dist folder via the write-file-plugin.

Note: New files will not be included automatically - you must restart your server with npm start.

Note: you can gitignore webpack incremental updates. These are written to dist/hot. You can read more about this here.

Having trouble with Webpack?

Given it is a new technology, there is certainly room for error. You can sometimes trace more error info with the --display-error-details arg:

webpack -p --config build/webpack.config.js --display-error-details

Also, there is a wonderful collection of detailed examples in the webpack project here.

There are some more helpful debugging tips here.

If you are still having troubles, find us on PatternFly Gitter or ask someone in the Webpack community.