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xmltv Meld


  • Joins xmltv providers into one xmltv file.
  • Current sources are from rytec, zap, koditvepg.

Quick Start

  • Download busybox for your device.
  • Busybox:
  • Windows:
  • Android:
  • Point to busybox in Settings.
  • Android will copy busybox to /data/data/ to be runnable.
  • Change your zap zipcode.
  • Select some providers (right click Add xmltv/zap).
  • Select some channels (click to add, right click to remove).
  • Press Update to generate an xmltv.xml and channels.m3u8 files in addon_data/plugin.program.xmltv.meld
  • Turn the Service on and set a time or period to update the xmltv file.
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