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forget to add hg and Build folders

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Antoine Mercadal
Antoine Mercadal committed Nov 3, 2011
1 parent c77b35c commit c32fef0eb9df731fb794b466b9c07f4c843c5344

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@@ -436,8 +436,10 @@ - (void)computeIgnoredPaths
[ignoredFilePaths addObject:@"*.git*"];
[ignoredFilePaths addObject:@"*.svn*"];
+ [ignoredFilePaths addObject:@"*.hg*"];
[ignoredFilePaths addObject:@"*Frameworks*"];
[ignoredFilePaths addObject:@"*.xCodeSupport*"];
+ [ignoredFilePaths addObject:@"*Build*"];
NSLog(@"ignored file paths are: %@", ignoredFilePaths);

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