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;;; World of Shakey the robot
(define (problem turn-light-on-room-3)
(:domain shakeysworld)
Shakey - ROBOT
Ball1 - BALL
Room1 Room2 Room3 Room4 - ROOM
Switch1 Switch2 Switch3 - SWITCH
Box1 - BOX
Start Floor Wall - LOCATION
(adj Room1 Room2)
(adj Room2 Room1)
(adj Room2 Room3)
(adj Room3 Room2)
(adj Room3 Room4)
(adj Room4 Room3)
(in Start Room1)
(in Floor Room1)
(in Floor Room2)
(in Floor Room3)
(in Floor Room4)
(in Wall Room1)
(in Wall Room2)
(in Wall Room3)
(in Wall Room4)
(in Switch1 Room1)
(in Switch2 Room2)
(in Switch3 Room3)
(at Shakey Start)
(in Shakey Room1)
(at Switch1 Wall)
(at Switch2 Wall)
(at Switch3 Wall)
(at Ball1 Start)
(at Box1 Start)
(handempty Shakey)
(and (light-on Room3))