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Welcome to Valory Go!

Valory Go attempts to integrate ancient game of Go into a fun and competitive player community accommodating all levels of play. Challenge the formidable AI players online!


How does valory preserve user data?

Currently Valory Go is still in public beta, only preserving players' wallet in app. Valory Go employs Embedded Gemmer to provide in-game currencies via blockchain technology. For proper safekeeping of Valory Go's in-game wallet, users must keep in mind to only update the app, and never uninstall the app which destroys the in-game wallet. Updates can be installed via Google Play or from Valory's official github release apks.

How to play?

The buttons on the top of the board page are the AI players. Press an AI to challenge and play. Each move needs to be confirmed with a second touch after the red mark is shown, this is to reduce the chance of mistouches. For pass or resign move, double tap on pass or resign. This is also for the purpose of reducing the chance of mistouches. Resign immediately ends the game, while pass only ends the game if both players have passed consecutively. When a move is played, the stone will show a sequence number in red as a confirmation from server.

I don't know about Go, can I still play?

Yes! Go not only is a game of very simple and elegant rules, but also comes with a handicap system that provides any level players with an exciting game experience. The board is 19x19 with 361 grid point. The stones of same color can form a chain or group via neighboring grid connection. Empty neighboring grid points are known as liberty or chi. Stone groups must keep liberty or chi to stay alive, or else they are captured and removed from the board.

If you haven't played Go before, you can swipe left two pages to the user profile/wallet page and adjust your level to beginner, which will start from a low rating where you can play high handicap games with the AI, to practice the basics of Go and earn your ratings gradually. The system will adjust your rating according to the games you played. As your level of play increases, AI will intelligently give you less and less handicap. Currently there is still a limitation where rating is not adjusted well if player resigns a game or over time, so try play a game to the later stage and pass, or win by ai resign. This way the rating will be adjusted properly.

Where to find help?

We provide technical and community support via discord, everyone is welcome to join our community. Even if you don't need support and just want chat, show your brilliant game, make friends, find tutor or just chat about whatever feel free to join the community!

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