Navigation in p:menu using keyboard does not work when the menu is triggered by button #1936

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1) Environment

  • PrimeFaces version: 5.3
  • Does it work on the newest PrimeFaces version?: No, tested on the demo site
  • Application server + version: WebLogic
  • Affected browsers: Chrome 54, Safari 10.0.1, IE 10/11

2) Expected behavior

Using p:menu with overlay="true" trigger="myButtonId" should give the same keyboard navigation support as when there are no overlay or trigger button. When you open the menu, you should be able to navigate with the key up and down

3) Actual behavior

Using p:menu with overlay="true" trigger="myButtonId". When the menu is triggered it is not possible to set focus in the menu and you can not use the keyboard to navigate through the menu items

4) Steps to reproduce

Go to:
Press tab until you hit the button "Show"
Press enter
Press key down
The keyboard navigation support does not work
Press tab again(trying to set the focus in the menu)
The focus is now at the next menu, not the menu you opened with the button "Show"

5) Sample XHTML

<h3>Overlay</h3> <p:commandButton id="dynaButton" value="Show" type="button" icon="ui-icon-extlink"/> <p:menu overlay="true" trigger="dynaButton" my="left top" at="left bottom"> <p:submenu label="Ajax"> <p:menuitem value="Save" actionListener="#{}" update="messages" icon="ui-icon-disk"/> <p:menuitem value="Update" actionListener="#{menuView.update}" update="messages" icon="ui-icon-arrowrefresh-1-w"/> </p:submenu> <p:submenu label="Non-Ajax"> <p:menuitem value="Delete" actionListener="#{menuView.delete}" update="messages" ajax="false" icon="ui-icon-close"/> </p:submenu> <p:submenu label="Navigations"> <p:menuitem value="External" url="" icon="ui-icon-home"/> <p:menuitem value="Internal" outcome="/mobile/index" icon="ui-icon-star"/> </p:submenu> </p:menu>

6) Sample bean

See: and go down to

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