SelectOneMenu ignores defaultCommand component #2058

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Reported by PRO User;

the p:selectOneMenu ignores the defaultCommand, it doesn't trigger the button if it is focused and the enter key is pressed

<p:panelGrid layout="grid" columns="2" columnClasses="ui-g-4, ui-g-8"
	<p:outputLabel for="inputtext" value="input:" />
	<p:inputText id="inputtext" />

	<p:outputLabel for="console" value="Basic:" />
	<p:selectOneMenu id="console" value="#{selectOneMenuView.console}"
		<f:selectItem itemLabel="Select One" itemValue="" />
		<f:selectItem itemLabel="Xbox One" itemValue="Xbox One" />
		<f:selectItem itemLabel="PS4" itemValue="PS4" />
		<f:selectItem itemLabel="Wii U" itemValue="Wii U" />

<p:defaultCommand target="button" />
<p:commandButton value="Submit" id="button" process="myGrid"
	update="myGrid" />
@mertsincan mertsincan added this to the 6.1 milestone Feb 6, 2017
@mertsincan mertsincan added a commit that closed this issue Feb 6, 2017
@mertsincan mertsincan Fixed #2058 0c0ffc1
@mertsincan mertsincan closed this in 0c0ffc1 Feb 6, 2017
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