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davisruk commented Dec 5, 2016

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Current behavior

Same as #1434 which was marked as fixed for 1.0.1. A Datatable with lazyLoad=true and a filter with a value propagates endless onLazyLoad events when the Datatable's underlying data array is altered e.g. items added or removed. The problem is in the ngDoCheck function where the lazyLoad check still calls the filter function:
if (this.hasFilter()) { if (this.lazy) { //prevent loop if (this.stopFilterPropagation) this.stopFilterPropagation = false; else this.filter(); } else { this.filter(); }
Expected behavior

The component should create one onLazyLoad event. Removing the call to this.filter within the lazyLoad check fixes the problem.
if (this.hasFilter()) { if (this.lazy) { //prevent loop if (this.stopFilterPropagation) this.stopFilterPropagation = false; //else //this.filter(); } else { this.filter(); }
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no0dles commented Dec 15, 2016

same issue here, lazy loading and filters are enabled.

Without a filter value everything works fine, but after setting a filter value it loads the filtered content once and as soon as you try to navigate to the second page the loop begins. It also resets the "first" value to 0.


I have add an example for this issue:

@cagataycivici cagataycivici added the review label Jan 5, 2017
@cagataycivici cagataycivici added this to the 2.0 milestone Jan 5, 2017
@cagataycivici cagataycivici self-assigned this Jan 5, 2017
@cagataycivici cagataycivici added defect and removed review labels Jan 11, 2017

Fix checked in.

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