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DMS Server - Community Edition 2018


KRYSTAL DMS - Community Edition

KRYSTAL Document Management System - Community Edition is easy to use, powerful, completely free and Open Source Document Management System Software that allows companies and individuals to centralize the management, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents.

It is scaled down version of commericial offerings of KRYSTAL Dcoument Management System by Primeleaf Consulting (P) Ltd and comes bundled with Open Source database. The latest version of KRYSTAL DMS - Community Edition helps people store and retrieve documents with ease and intuitiveness.

Easy to use, proven throughout the world and affordable by any business, KRYSTAL Document Management is the preferred document management solution for businesses of all sizes.


KRYSTAL Document Management System - Community Edition provides following features out of the box

  • Completely web browser based solution
  • Accessible over LAN, WAN or Internet
  • Robust Version Control
  • Quick and easy document search & retreival
  • Event Notifications
  • Granular Level Security
  • No complex and chaotic Folder structre

KRYSTAL DMS software, completely written in JAVA Technologies and comes bundled with an Open Source database on any JAVA enabled Operating System.


You can install KRYSTAL DMS - Community Edition binaries from SourceForge

Building from Source

$ git clone [git-repo-url] krystaldms-community-edition


KRYSTAL Document Management System - Community Edition is available to Open Source community under the GNU General Public Licence version 2. The KRYSTAL Document Management System - Community Edition source code is available for the entire community, which is free to use, modify and redistribute under the premises of such license.