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Acrobotic - 01/12/2014
Author: x1sc0
Platforms: Arduino Uno R3
File: heartbeat.ino
Using the function analogWrite(), we control the brightness of an LED by
modulating the duty cycle of a rectangular wave signal (PWM).
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Open-Source projects like this! We’ll always put our best effort in every
project, and release all our design files and code for you to use.
Beerware License; if you find the code useful, and we happen to cross
paths, you're encouraged to buy us a beer. The code is distributed hoping
that you in fact find it useful, but without warranty of any kind.
// Initialize variable with the pin number which we'll be using. Ensure
// that it's a PWM pin.
int led_pin = 11;
// Initialize a few variables that we'll be using in our loop function
// for controlling LED brightness
int value = 0, // current brigthness
value_max = 128, // maximum brightness (brightness doesn't change
// much above this value)
number_of_steps = 256, // steps taken between fully OFF and fully ON
step_delay_ms = 5, // wait 5ms at each intensity value
cycle_delay_ms = 1000; // stay off for 1000ms between cycles
void setup()
// Technically, the next line is unnecessary. Because we'll be driving
// the pin with the function analogWrite(), we don't need to set it as
// an OUTPUT. It doesn't hurt to do it anyway.
pinMode(led_pin, OUTPUT);
// Most variables can be initialized outside the setup and loop functions
// though above the point where they're first used
int step_size = max( (int)value_max/number_of_steps, 1 );
void loop()
analogWrite(led_pin, value); //set the current LED brightness
delay(step_delay_ms); //hold the value for a short time
value+=step_size; //increase the current value for the next iteration
// if we've reached the maximum or minimum value, change direction of
// change in brightness (i.e., increasing -> decreasing or viceversa)
if( (value>value_max)||(value<0) )
step_size *= -1;
value+=step_size; // ensure that value stays within bounds
if(value == 0)
delay(cycle_delay_ms); // hold 1 second off starting each cycle