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Python 1 24


forked from side2k/django-multilingual-ng

Django 1.2 compatible django-multilingual branch with admin UI improvements

Updated Nov 21, 2013

Python 1 136


forked from qrilka/django-filebrowser-no-grappelli-and-uploadify

django-filebrowser 3 with modifications to work with the default Django admin site and with old upload page (no flash)

Updated Oct 10, 2013

Python 4 2


Fork from django-sentry 1.11.4

Updated Sep 20, 2013

Python 1 856


forked from django-haystack/django-haystack

Modular search for Django. Currently v2.0.0-beta.

Updated Sep 20, 2013

Python 1 70


forked from jdunck/python-unicodecsv

Python2's stdlib csv module is nice, but it doesn't support unicode. This module is a drop-in replacement which *does*.

Updated Sep 20, 2013

Python 2 174


forked from lincolnloop/django-smart-selects

chained and grouped selects for django forms

Updated Sep 20, 2013

Python 1 13


forked from tkaemming/django-orderable

Simple object instance ordering for the Django administration change list. (Currently unmaintained and out of order.)

Updated Sep 20, 2013

Python 2 0


Fork of

Updated Sep 20, 2013

Python 0 0


queues for mgrabber

Updated Dec 19, 2012

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