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  • v16.0.0
  • 8d4a13d
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  • v16.0.0
  • 8d4a13d
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@emplums emplums released this Mar 9, 2020 · 393 commits to master since this release

This release contains changes for the Primer Visual Refresh There are no breaking changes, so upgrading to v16.0.0 should be fairly seamless.

👉 Stickersheet


  • Updated border radii
  • Updated colors
  • Updated box shadows
  • Corrected padding on buttons
  • Reorganized the theme file to store variables for buttons in a more organized manner
  • Made sure all colors, bg, border colors, and box shadows pull from a button specific theme object instead of directly from the color shadows etc objects in the theme.
  • Created a new internal ButtonBase component that all exported buttons are based on. This button has all the shared styles between the buttons, variant styles, and disabled behaviors. I did this so that we were not including the styles that are specific to our grey default Button in every other button component. Makes overriding styles more predictable and the internal API cleaner :)


  • Use new orange color
  • Remove bold from selected item


  • Updated border radius
  • Updated padding
  • Updated line height


  • Updated border radius


  • Updated border radius
  • Updated disabled styles
  • Fixed font size
  • Updated left padding
  • Updated border color


  • Inherits updated Button styles
  • Updated caret spacing
  • Updated border radius of menu


  • Updated padding
  • Updated border radius
  • Updated line heights
  • Updated font sizes
  • Made sure outline variant can use the borderColor system prop.
  • Updated label documentation


  • Updated default border radius


  • Updated border radius


  • Updated border radius
  • Updated text colors

General System Changes:

  • New button object in theme
  • New border radius value in theme
  • Updated formControl values in theme
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