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💥 Breaking changes

The big, breaking change in this release is that we've changed some component names and moved some "child" components under the parent one:

  • FlexContainer is now named Flex
  • FlexItem is now Flex.Item, and can be accessed via the Flex import
  • UnderlineNavItem is now UnderlineNav.Item
  • FilterListItem is now FilterList.Item

When migrating from previous versions, you'll need to do a search and replace for all of the above component names, then remove any leftover instances of Flex.Item, UnderlineNav.Item, and FilterList.Item in your named imports of @primer/components.

Two of our label components have also undergone some API refactoring:

  • The Label component no longer has the scheme prop, and introduces size and dropshadow props.
  • The StateLabel component was refactored: state prop is now scheme, and supports different values for issue- and PR-specific color/octicon pairings.

🚀 New features

  • Typography components (Text, Heading, etc.) now have a textAlign prop that can be used to responsively adjust the text-align CSS property.
  • Layout components (Box, et al) now have a responsive overflow prop that sets the same CSS property.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • The Flex component (FKA FlexContainer) now has the missing justifyItems prop, which maps to the justify-items CSS property.