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@shawnbot shawnbot released this Feb 19, 2019 · 197 commits to master since this release

Introducing @primer/css

This release marks a major reorganization of the Primer CSS source files from a "monorepo" with lots of individually installable npm packages (including primer) to a single one with a new name: @primer/css. Before switching, we strong suggest:

  1. Upgrade to primer@11 first, if you haven't already. This will allow you to deal with any breaking Sass changes separately from import path updates.

  2. Read the migration guide before upgrading to v12. If you really, really don't have time for that, here's all you should need to do:

    # save your work!
    npm uninstall primer
    npm install @primer/css
    npx primer-migrate path/to/**/*.scss

We've attempted to keep the number of CSS changes as small as possible — a few marketing button fixes in #668 — so there shouldn't be any impact on the appearance of your site. If you see anything unexpected, don't hesitate to file an issue.

💥 Breaking Change

🚀 Enhancement

  • Publish a reusable postcss config (@primer/css/postcss.config)
  • Publish JSON metadata describing all our CSS bundles (core, product, etc.)
  • Add the primer-migrate script for updating Sass import paths #677

🐛 Bug fix

  • Bring back btn-transparent in marketing buttons #668

📝 Documentation

🏠 Internal

  • Replace our Travis setup with GitHub Actions
  • Update PR template
  • Bring back autoprefixer for CSS builds
  • Revive the selector diff report
  • Update the list of required checks to match up with the new actions
  • Update the ship checklist (below)
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