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A Neural Network Toolkit.
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A Neural Network Toolkit.


  • Dynamic and incremental graph construction (a.k.a. "define-by-run" style)
  • On-demand memory allocation
  • Automatic minibatch broadcasting
  • Mostly device-independent
  • Simple usage


This repository contains only the core C++ library and its C APIs. Some bindings for other programming languages (e.g., Python) can be found in the official repository.


  • CMake 3.1.0 or later
  • C++11 compiler (GCC, Clang)
  • (optional) Google Test
    • Required only when -DPRIMITIV_BUILD_TESTS=ON.
  • (optional) CUDA 8.0 or later/cuDNN 7.0 or later
    • Required only when -DPRIMITIV_USE_CUDA=ON
  • (optional) OpenCL 1.2/OpenCL C++ binding v2
    • Required only when -DPRIMITIV_USE_OPENCL=ON



This project is supported by ASTREC in NICT.

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