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I was wondering if using binary is now safe and if it works like this.

What I did was this:

npm install binary-pack
npm install e-json
new Primus(server, {
  transformer: 'websockets',

and that's it ?
Are alle messages now (smaller?) server <-- binary --> client <-- binary --> client
I'm only using spark.write({text data obj})

This does work only for transformer: websockets ? or other to ?
And / or does it fallback if it does not support it to json ?


@3rd-Eden 3rd-Eden added the discussion label Mar 14, 2014

When you're using the ejson parser it allows you to send binary data to the server and from the server back to the client. It doesn't magically transform all messages in to binary. The ejson parser should work for every transformer. The binary-pack module requires a transformer that works correctly with binary data and that would be websockets only at this point.

@3rd-Eden 3rd-Eden closed this Mar 25, 2014
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