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A cross platform NodeJS REPL application based on electron and react frameworks.

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 Language Support


  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Dark and light themes
  • Load and save session history
  • Separate console window for async stdout/stderr logs
  • Notification for async console logs
  • console output filter support
  • Traversable output with fold/unfold options
  • Support for adding directory to node path
  • Expand/Collapse/reload command options
  • History traversal support
  • Multiple window
  • Multiline prompt support with shift + enter
  • Auto suggestion
  • Tab completion
  • Code format support
  • Support to toggle REPL mode
  • Preferences for theme and REPL mode

 Version II 🌟

  • Download npm modules on demand
  • Babel support
  • await with auto async wrapper
  • Data visualization support
    • Integer representation (bin/oct/dec/hex and signed/unsigned)
    • Regular expression live editor
    • Buffer explorer
    • HTML view
    • CSS color view
    • base64 detection
    • Basic chart representation of data
    • Image detection / display
    • Download buffers support
  • Support to break long lasting commands
  • Preference window
  • Promise output tracking
  • Source file open support for node modules(.source name)
  • No special meaning for _
  • Syntax highlight as we type

For more detailed documentation, read here


wiki page has documentation for new features.


light theme

dark theme

console section

auto suggestion

function source


  • npm install -g mancy (or)
  • Download from latest release (or)
  • Clone and run npm install & npm run package. Executable file will be created inside ./dist/ directory.
  • To build native modules, make sure node >=4.x and npm >= 3.x installed.
  • Refer node-gyp for native module build failure.


Fork and run npm run debug or gulp debug to debug this application.


Subscribe this thread for new features and release notification.

 Ideas & Suggestions

Find consolidated ideas and suggestions here.


MIT License