Version II

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Features & Enhancements


 Download npm modules on demand

Mancy will try to install unavailable(in module path) npm modules to default user data directory.

  • Windows : C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\mancy\User Data\node_modules
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/mancy/node_modules
  • Linux: ~/.config/mancy/Default/node_modules

 Babel support

  • babel compilation is turned off by default.
  • To turn on/off, use babel transform property from preference window(Use Preference… from menu or gear icon in status bar)


 await with auto async wrapper

  • async auto wrapping is enabled by default
  • Auto wrapping is applicable for the below forms
    • await expression
    • let value = await expression
  • Wrapping process transforms the input to below form
(async function(){ let result = (await expression); return result; }())
let value = (async function(){ let result = (await expression); return result; }())

 Data visualization support

  • Integer representation (bin/oct/dec/hex + signed/unsigned) integer-viz

  • Regular expression live editor regex-viz

  • Buffer explorer buffer-viz

  • HTML view html-viz

  • CSS color view color-viz

  • base64 detection base64-viz

  • Basic chart(c3) representation of data chart-bar-viz chart-flip-viz chart-rotate-viz chart-line-viz chart-line-spline-viz chart-pie-viz chart-area-viz chart-area-spline-viz

  • Image detection / display

  • Download buffers support

 Support to break long lasting commands

  • Set timeout in preference window for long lasting command like this:
while(true) {}

timeout-in-progress timeout

 Preference window

Use Preference… from menu or gear icon in status bar to access preference window.

  • Theme - Toggle theme preference(default dark).
  • REPL Mode - Change node REPL mode(default magic).
  • Babel Transform - Toggle babel transcompilation(default false).
  • Auto async wrapper - Toggle on/off the auto async wrapping feature for bare await(default true).
  • Execution timeout(ms) - timeout in milliseconds for long lasting commands(default: 1 minute). 0 means no timeout set.
  • Disable automatic auto complete - Disable automatic auto complete(default false). Use Ctrl + space or tab (v2.0.1)
  • Auto complete popup delay(ms) - trigger delay for auto command completion in milliseconds(default 250ms).
  • Toggle run mode (⇧ + ↲) / ↲ - toggle support for run command mode(default false).
  • Auto suggest selection on ↲ - if turned off, auto suggest selection will be ignored on enter.

preference-light preference-dark

 Promise output tracking

Promise output keeps track of promise state like pending, rejected or resolved and updates the resolved output or rejected reason.

promise-pending promise-resolved

 Source file open support for node modules(.source name)

  • .source name try to resolve the module or file name(just like require) and shares the link to open the file in default application.
  • native modules will be marked and displayed as 'native' module.
  • source resolving feature is available in exceptions(stack trace) too.

source track

 No special meaning for _

In node repl's context, _(underscore) is a special variable that contains the result of the last expression.
In this version, there is no special meaning for _ and therefore, the below code runs as expected.


 Syntax highlight as we type

Syntax highlight is supported for active prompt area



  • Better output display (constructor name, function arguments, prototype etc...). live-highlight

  • Console duplicate messages handled with counter. console-dups

  • few minor enhancements and bug fixes…

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