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What is Gryff-RSC?

Gryff-RSC is a variant of the Gryff key-value store presented at NSDI 2020. Gryff combines a shared register and consensus protocol to offer linearizable reads, writes, and read-modify-writes operations. Gryff-RSC relaxes Gryff's consistency from linearizability to regular sequential consistency, and as a result, Gryff-RSC offers lower tail read latency. This code was used for the SOSP 2021 paper, "Regular Sequential Serializability and Regular Sequential Consistency." It is based off of the code originally used in the evaluation of Gryff.

This repository includes an implementation of Gryff's protocol, an implementation of our Gryff-RSC variant, and scripts to run the experiments presented in our paper.

Compiling & Running

Tool Versions

We've built and run the spanner-rss with the following compiler tools:

  • make v4.1
  • go v1.13
  • python v3.5.2
  • gnuplot v5.0

Running experiments

Experiments for the paper were run on CloudLab using the gryff profile. After starting an experiment,

  1. Clone the experiment repository to one of the CloudLab machines. (We often use client-0-0.)
    $ git clone

  2. Build the Go client and server.
    $ export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin" $ cd gryff-rs && make

  3. Install experiment script dependencies.
    $ sudo apt update && sudo apt install -y python3-numpy gnuplot

  4. Update experiment config. You will likely need to update the following fields:

    • project_name
    • experiment_name
    • base_local_exp_directory
    • base_remote_bin_directory_nfs
    • src_directory
    • src_commit_hash
    • client_host_format_str
    • server_host_format_str
  5. After updating the config file, you can run the experiment using a python3 script. For example,
    $ python3 ./scripts/ ./experiments/sosp2021/vary-reads-writes-5-conflict-10.json


Jeffrey Helt, Amit Levy, Wyatt Lloyd -- Princeton University

Matthew Burke -- Cornell University


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  • Go 77.3%
  • Python 17.2%
  • TLA 4.7%
  • Shell 0.5%
  • Roff 0.3%
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