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Unofficial sample code for Distilled 3D Networks (D3D) in Tensorflow.
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Unofficial example code for using a pre-trained Distilled 3D Network (D3D) for video classification.

A complete example is given in d3d_helper.ipynb.

If you find this repo useful, please cite the paper:

"D3D: Distilled 3D Networks for Video Action Recognition."
Jonathan C. Stroud, David A. Ross, Chen Sun, Jia Deng, and Rahul Sukthankar.
arXiv 2018

  title={D3D: Distilled 3D Networks for Video Action Recognition},
  author={Stroud, Jonathan C and Ross, David A and Sun, Chen and Deng, Jia and Sukthankar, Rahul},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1812.08249},
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