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An Android photography app compatible with the Kúla Bebe 3D lens.



Main Screen

From the image above:

(1) Exposure time range from device lowest to highest of 1s.

(2) Focus range from device lowest to device highest.

(3) ISO range from device lowest to 800.

(4) Semi-transparent border that helps frame the scene.

(5) Gallery screen.

(6) Notification bar easily viewable and accessible.

(7) About and info screen.

(8) Info area that displays the current status of the camera. Only activated upon user interaction.


(1) Share the currently displayed photo.

(2) Deletion initiation button.

(3) Position of photo in the gallery.

(5) Return to viewfinder screen.

The upper ranges of the ISO and EXP are restricted due to the preview becoming insufferably laggy and noisy if the ISO or Exposure are set too high.


Take a photo: Tap the center of the screen or use either volume key.

Cycle photos in the gallery: Tap either side of the screen or use the volume keys.

In deletion screen:

O - Deleted a photo.

X - Cancels deletion.


Camera - View the rear camera.

Storage - Store and read files.

Location - Save GPS metadata in the photo.

Images stored in ".../DCIM/KulaView/" Images may take a while before being read by a seperate gallery app.

Requires Android Lollipop or newer as this takes advantage of the Camera2 API.

Known Issues:

-Camera2 API natively has a memory leak, so the RAM usage will slowly raise.

-No multi threading, so previews are super slow with longer exposure levels.

Hopeful Future Releases:

-Video recording

-DNG Export

-Export directly to HTC Evo 3D with border

Originally from with much help from all over the net.

This app is open to critique and general feedback.


The author and the software is in no way associated with

This is a fan project made out of love for the lens and stereoscopy.

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