Hexo post views counter 访问计数器(阅读次数,热门文章 etc.)。
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Post View Counter for Hexo

基于 Lumen 框架编写的 Hexo 博客访问计数器。

A post view counter for Hexo blog built on Lumen.

快速安装 / Quick Install

从 GitHub 上下载源码并在 .env 文件中配置你的数据库连接,支持 MySQL 和 SQLite。

Download source code from GitHub and configure your database connection in .env file (both MySQL and SQLite are supported):

$ git clone https://github.com/printempw/hexo-view-counter.git
$ composer install
$ cp .env.example .env


Then run run database migration to create tables:

$ php artisan migrate

配置你的 Nginx 服务器(Apache 用户不需要进行任何操作)。

Configure your Nginx server (Apache users doesn't need to do anything extra):

location / {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$query_string;

# Protect .env file if necessary
location ~ /\.env {
    deny all;

访问 http://your-domain/,安装成功后即可看到欢迎页面。

Navigate to http://your-domain/, you can see a welcome page if you have installed it successfully.

文档 / Documentation

GET 请求 http://your-domain/get/{slug} 来获取指定文章的访问数量(slug 为文章唯一标识符)。

Make a GET request to http://your-domain/get/{slug} to get the post views of a specific post (slug is the unique identification for each post).

POST 请求 http://your-domain/increase/{slug} 来递增指定文章的访问数量,如果 slug 不存在将会重新创建一个记录。

Make a POST request to http://your-domain/increase/{slug} to increase the post views of a specific post (a new record will be created if given slug does no exist).

GET 请求 http://your-domain/popular-posts 来获取 JSON 格式的热门文章(通过 PV 数倒序排列),可使用 ?limit=20 来限制输出的文章数量。

Make a GET request to http://your-domain/popular-posts to get the popular posts in JSON format (sorting by pv desc), the parameter ?limit=20 can be used to limit the amount of posts.

许可证 / License

本程序是基于 The Star And Thank Author License (SATA) 协议开放源代码的自由软件。

The hexo-view-counter is open-sourced software licensed under the The Star And Thank Author License (SATA).