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Tint aims to provide functions that you can use to color your cli text output. This project is originally written to be used in the project called orb which I'm currently working on. It resolves some of my concerns about the state of terminal styling implemented in Go.



go get

Getting started

The below topics will get you started with the basics of this module and also some of the features that it provides.


Initialize a pointer to Tint struct

t := tint.Init()


Tint has some functions that let you directly color your terminal output, Example:

t.Println("This is an error", tint.Red)

this function is equivalent to fmt.Println(), but notice the extra parameter passed. This is a color constant.

A lot of times we need to use the raw string representation of colored string for various purposes and this is where t.Raw is used. Example:

err := writeCode()

if err != nil {

func writeCode() error {
	return errors.New(t.Raw("This is a very bad error and it occurred while coding", tint.Red))

Higher-order color functions

It is possible with this module to create higher order functions with the help of Swatch. A swatch returns a function for a given color variable and print as well, Example:

package main

import (

var green tint.SwatchFunc
var yellow tint.SwatchFunc

func main() {
	t := tint.Init()
	green = t.Swatch(tint.Green)
	yellow = t.Swatch(tint.Yellow)
	yellow("Waiting for 2 seconds just for fun ...")
	time.Sleep(time.Second * 2)
	green("I give you a green light")

It is also possible for a swatch function to return a raw colored string using SwatchRaw but does not print it to stdout. So the above example becomes:

package main

import (

var green tint.SwatchFuncRaw
var yellow tint.SwatchFuncRaw

func main() {
   t := tint.Init()
   green = t.SwatchRaw(tint.Green)
   yellow = t.SwatchRaw(tint.Yellow)
   y := yellow("Waiting for 2 seconds just for fun ...")
   fmt.Printf("Yellow string: %s", y)
   time.Sleep(time.Second * 2)
   g := green("I give you a green light")
   fmt.Printf("Green string: %s", g)

Contributing to this project

Take a look at this

Github Project Board

I use this github project board to track changes for this project and any new feature, bug or ideas for upcoming releases are posted here.


This project is licensed under Apache 2.0