Menu level Angry Bird Style with Cocos2D
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A fine Cocos2d example to create a menu level in Angry Birds style. Requires only the inclusion of two files class and the images that you choose for your layers (already included in the example).

Is really very simple to add to your game, with few lines of code, and one objective-c class, you create a wonderful menu to choose the level of play. In this version there is a detailed example of how to use, but just use these simple commands, listed below, to get full functionality :


#import "MenuLevel.h"

@interface YourLayer : CCLayer <MenuLevelDelegate>

// on init
CGSize size = [[CCDirector sharedDirector] winSize];	

MenuLevel *menu = [[MenuLevel alloc] init];
menu.delegate = self;
[self addChild:menu];

// 4 level buttons
CGFloat x = 100;
[menu createMenuItemLevel:1 position:ccp(x, size.height / 2) life:5 locked:NO];
[menu createMenuItemLevel:2 position:ccp(x + 70, size.height / 2) life:2 locked:NO];
[menu createMenuItemLevel:3 position:ccp(x + 140, size.height / 2) life:0 locked:YES];
[menu createMenuItemLevel:4 position:ccp(x + 210, size.height / 2) life:0 locked:YES];

// MenuLevel Delegate
- (void)menuLevel:(MenuLevel *)menuLevel buttonSelected:(id)source
	CCMenuItem *item = (CCMenuItem*)source;
	NSInteger buttonLevel = item.tag;

sample screen-shot :

Screenshot Home Page