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This is a guide to help developers get up to speed with SOAPEngine. It is geared primarily towards anyone who is new to Mac, iOS or tvOS development, or has not worked extensively with 3rd-party libraries before.

These step-by-step instructions are written for Xcode 7, using the iOS 9 SDK. If you are using a previous version of Xcode, you may want to update before starting.

###Step 1: Add XML lib

Add -lxml2 in Build Settings --> Other Linker Flags.

Other Linker Flags

###Step 2: Add header search path

Add /usr/include/libxml2 in Build Settings --> Header Search Paths.

Header Search Paths

###Step 3: Add SOAPEngine framework

Add SOAPEngine Framework

* SOAPEngine64.framework for iOS.
* SOAPEngineOSX.framework for Mac OS X.
* SOAPEngineTV.framework for AppleTV.

###Step 4: Add frameworks

Add Security.framework.

Add Accounts.framework (not need for AppleTv).

Add AppKit.framework (only for Mac OS X).

###Step 5: Set the license key

Set the property named licenseKey with your license code (only for test on your devices or publishing the app, not needed for run the app in simulator mode). 9.

###Step 6: Ready to go! At this point, everything's in place for you to start using SOAPEngine. Just #import the headers for the classes you need and get to it!

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