A light-weight collection of handy utilities for bukkit plugins.
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elixr is a utility API for Bukkit-based plugins. All classes contain static methods that you can use from your plugin - no other dependencies other than elixr itself. Elixr is being released as open source with the hope that you'll use and contribute new code!

elixr was originally extracted from code too-often shared between our own plugins including Prism, Craftys, DarkMythos, Inventory Toolkit, Darmok, dhmcDeath, and more.

Basic Utility Overview

  • Blocks - Including finding block relationships, handling double-length blocks, and more.
  • Chunk - Identifying the edges of chunks, min/max vectors.
  • Date - Converting to/from in-game date strings like Prism's time parameter
  • Death - Properly identifying the killer/victim, weapon, and more
  • Enchantment - Name conversion utilities
  • Entity - Location, nearby items, etc.
  • Experience - Properly add and subtract XP
  • Inventory - Logic for items in an inventory, stacking, sorting, moving, and more
  • Item - Logic for full item names, percentage used, quantity strings, and more
  • Type - Number/string logic

Get Help

IRC: irc.esper.net, room: #prism


Bug Tracking


You may include the package with your plugin via maven, our repo is at: