@schickling schickling released this Oct 16, 2018 · 18 commits to master since this release

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Removing old styling

Graphql playground react package is completely running on styled-components, removing old styling decreased size of the whole package. #834

Tabs sorting

Tabs in the playground are now sortable! 🚀 Thanks to @rynobax for making this happen #848

Injecting headers in init

The playground now accepts headers in init function. Thanks to @wilsongp #825

Playground now can work with different CDN

Thanks to @penx its possible to use the playground with different CDN. #845

Operation name in tabs

If an operation has a name its displayed in tab name. Thanks to @olimsaidov #855


  • #836 Thanks to @leonaves 🚀middlewares now properly propagates props to the playground. This bug cause a lot of issues.
  • #847 Thanks to @lydiahallie for fixing sharing of the playground to graphqlbin
  • #852 Thanks to @kapiljaveri for adding tooltips to buttons, for better accessibility
  • #851 Thanks to @rynobax for fixing an error about uncontrolled input
  • #833 Thanks to @DavidJFelix for fixing rendering of html package

@timsuchanek timsuchanek released this May 31, 2018 · 96 commits to master since this release

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Snapcraft Build

We now also ship a Snapcraft linux package of the Playground.


Queries are now being prettified thanks to @Huvik's PR adding the new prettier js.

Injectable Tabs & Apollo Link

As requested in #301, #122, #578, #143, #195, #487 it's important to Playground users to be able to inject props into the Playground, like a custom fetcher or a predefined query. This has been implemented for graphql-playground-react@1.7.0. You can read more about the newly available options here: https://github.com/prismagraphql/graphql-playground#properties

Themes beta

For a long time, the Playground let's you switch between a predefined light & dark theme.
As everybody has a different taste, it has been requested multiple times in #291, #593, #649, #711 to be able to customize the Playground UI.

We're working on making themes completely customizable. The first step has been done by @Huvik, which is turning the code editor themes of the light & dark themes into json definable as described here


  • Closes #279 , no need for a CSS Loader anymore
  • Closes #315 , we now have a description on hover
  • 8391a8a fix performance for large payloads. Big payloads (for example 100.000 nodes) are now rendered about 4 times faster. (20sec for 100.000 nodes to 4 sec)
  • d53500b Fixed windows keyboard shortcuts. Thanks @fabien0102 !
  • 5926762 fix: new session error. Closes #701