⚙️ Generate & scaffold type-safe resolvers based on your GraphQL Schema in TypeScript, Flow & Reason
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Generate & scaffold type-safe resolvers based on your GraphQL Schema in TypeScript, Flow & Reason


  • 🚀 Schema-first: Based on your GraphQL schema (SDL) & model definitions
  • 🤝 Type-safe: Strong mapping between your GraphQL schema and resolvers, input arguments and models
  • ♻️ Codegen & scaffolding workflows: Minimal resolver boilerplate & automatically generated type definitions
  • 😍 Awesome DX: Auto-completion & Intellisense in VSCode, Webstorm, Atom, VIM & other editors
  • 💅 Ecosystem compatibility: Supports prettier and graphql-import out of the box


You can find the docs for the graphqlgen CLI here.


Programming in type-safe environments provides a lot of benefits and gives you confidence about your code. graphqlgen leverages the strongly typed GraphQL schema with the goal of making your backend type-safe while reducing the need to write boilerplate through code generation.

Supported languages:

Get started

Start from scratch

Bootstrap a GraphQL server based with a ready-made graphqlgen setup then start the server:

With npm

npm init graphqlgen my-app
cd my-app
npm start

Note: npm init requires npm version >= 6.2.0


With yarn

yarn create graphqlgen my-app
cd my-app
yarn start

Note: yarn create requires yarn version >= 0.25

After updating the GraphQL schema in ./my-app/src/schema.graphql, execute the graphqlgen CLI to update all resolvers:


Add to existing project


You can install the graphqlgen CLI with either of the following commands:

npm install -g graphqlgen


yarn global add graphqlgen


Once installed, you can invoke the CLI as follows:


The invocation of the command depends on a configuration file called graphqlgen.yml which must be located in the directory where graphqlgen is invoked. Here is an example:

language: typescript

schema: ./src/schema.graphql
context: ./src/types.ts:Context
    - ./src/generated/prisma-client/index.ts

output: ./src/generated/graphqlgen.ts

  output: ./src/generated/tmp-resolvers/
  layout: file-per-type

Learn more about the configuration in the docs.


Note: Using graphqlgen in production

While graphqlgen is ready to be used in production, it's still in active development and there might be breaking changes before it hits 1.0. Most changes will just affect the configuration and generated code layout but not the behaviour of the code itself.


  • gqlgen is the Golang equivalent of graphqlgen and served as a source of inspiration
  • graphql-code-generator is a similar tool based on templates support both frontend & backend

Help & Community Slack Status

Join the #graphqlgen channel our Slack community if you run into issues or have questions. We love talking to you!