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Prisma Migrate is now in Preview. You can find the official documentation here and you can read the announcement here.

Issues and feature requests for Prisma Migrate are now tracked at prisma/prisma. You can report issues or submit feature requests by creating new GitHub issues. This repository is archived and kept as read-only for historical purposes.

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Prisma Migrate

Declarative data modeling & schema migrations

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Prisma Migrate is a powerful database schema migration tool. It uses a declarative data modeling syntax to describe your database schema. Prisma Migrate also stores your migration history and easily lets you revert and replay migrations.

WARNING: Prisma Migrate is currently in an experimental state and therefore should not be used in production environments. Please help up improve Prisma Migrate by creating issues and sharing your feedback with us. You can also follow the technical specification to get an overview of what is planned for Prisma Migrate.


You can find more info about Prisma Migrate in the Prisma documentation. Here are the most relevant pages from the docs:


Read more about how to contribute to Prisma Migrate here.


If you have a security issue to report, please contact us at


Issues for Prisma Migrate are now tracked at prisma/prisma. This repo was used to track issues for Prisma Migrate Experimental and is now deprecated.





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