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REST API Example

This example shows how to implement a REST API using Express.JS and Photon.js.

How to use

1. Download example & install dependencies

Clone the repository:

git clone

Install Node dependencies:

cd photonjs/examples/javascript/rest-express
npm install

2. Install the Prisma 2 CLI

To run the example, you need the Prisma 2 CLI:

npm install -g prisma2

3. Set up database

For this example, you'll use a simple SQLite database. To set up your database, run:

prisma2 lift save --name 'init'
prisma2 lift up

You can now use the SQLite Browser to view and edit your data in the ./prisma/dev.db file that was created when you ran prisma2 lift up.

4. Generate Photon (type-safe database client)

Run the following command to generate Photon.js:

prisma2 generate

Now you can seed your database using the seed script from package.json:

npm run seed

5. Start the REST API server

npm run start

The server is now running on http://localhost:3000. You can send the API requests implemented in index.js, e.g. http://localhost:3000/feed.

6. Using the REST API


  • /post/:id: Fetch a single post by its id
  • /feed: Fetch all published posts
  • /filterPosts?searchString={searchString}: Filter posts by title or content


  • /post: Create a new post
    • Body:
      • title: String (required): The title of the post
      • content: String (optional): The content of the post
      • authorEmail: String (required): The email of the user that creates the post
  • /user: Create a new user
    • Body:
      • email: String (required): The email address of the user
      • name: String (optional): The name of the user


  • /publish/:id: Publish a post by its id


  • /post/:id: Delete a post by its id

Next steps

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