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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
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⚠️ We've moved our issue and feature tracking for the Prisma JS Client to prisma/prisma.

Rest assured, the Prisma JS Client is alive and well. We're just archiving this repository to make it more clear for everyone where to open issues. See you over at prisma/prisma!

Prisma Client JS: Query builder for TypeScript & Node.js (ORM replacement)

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Prisma Client JS is an auto-generated query builder that enables type-safe database access and reduces boilerplate. You can use it as an alternative to traditional ORMs such as Sequelize, TypeORM or SQL query builders like knex.js.

It is part of the Prisma ecosystem. Prisma provides database tools for data access, declarative data modeling, schema migrations and visual data management. Learn more in the main prisma repository or read the documentation.

Getting started

Follow one of these guides to get started with Prisma Client JS:

Alternatively you can explore the ready-to-run examples (REST, GraphQL, gRPC, plain JavaScript and TypeScript demos, ...) or watch the demo videos (1-2 min per video).


Read more about how to contribute to Prisma Client JS here.


If you have a security issue to report, please contact us at


Type-safe database client for TypeScript & Node.js (ORM replacement)