This example demonstrates how to implement a GraphQL server with TypeScript based on Prisma, graphql-yoga and graphqlgen.

Get started

1. Install the Prisma CLI

You need to have the Prisma CLI installed on your machine to run this example. If you don't have it yet, execute the following command to install it globally on your machine:

npm install -g prisma
# or `yarn global add prisma`

2. Download example & Install dependencies

Clone the repository:

git clone

Install Node dependencies:

cd prisma-examples/typescript-graphql
yarn install # or `npm install`

3. Deploy the Prisma API

You will now deploy the Prisma API that's backing this example. This requires you to have Docker installed on your machine (if you don't have Docker follow the collapsed instructions below the code block):

Launch Prisma via Docker:

docker-compose up -d

Navigate into the prisma directory and deploy the Prisma API:

cd prisma
prisma deploy
I don't have Docker installed on my machine

To deploy your service to a demo server (rather than locally with Docker), follow these steps:

  • Run the following command:
    cd prisma
    prisma deploy --new
  • In the interactive CLI wizard:
    • Select the Demo server
    • For all following questions, choose the suggested values by just hitting Enter

4. Start the server

cd ..
yarn start

Navigate to http://localhost:4000 in your browser to explore the API of your GraphQL server in a GraphQL Playground.

5. Modify resolvers

Read the graphqlgen readme to learn how to scaffold resolvers.