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This document contains a rough outline of future features and changes in Prisma. Its primary purpose is to provide visibility into the current efforts of the Prisma engineering team and make Prisma users aware of upcoming changes.

The roadmap is updated every two weeks (i.e. with every Prisma release). If you want to see the changes that have happened in the latest releases, check out the changelog.

Q2/Q3 2019

Short term fixes & improvements

The following lists represent a number of smaller-scope issues and improvements that we are currently working on. While we're trying to be as accurate as possible, our priorities might shift and the list may be adjusted in a future release cycle.


Specification phase

The "specification phase" reflects the spec work we do before starting to actually implement a feature. All important features are being specced out and discussed on GitHub. Please join the discussions and share your opinions with us.

Here are the big features that are currently being specced out:

Implementation phase

The "implementation phase" reflects the larger features that we are currently working on. These features typically require multiple weeks/months to be implemented:


While the following features are currently not listed in the Q2/Q3 2019-section, they may still get added to it:

  • Prisma SDK
  • Observability & monitoring
  • Caching
  • Subscriptions & clustering
  • Query analytics
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