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@ruheni ruheni released this 18 Apr 14:46
· 1715 commits to main since this release

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Introspection warnings for unsupported features

The Prisma Schema Language (PSL) currently doesn't support all database features and functionality of our target databases. The PSL is an abstraction over SQL and will keep evolving to address gaps in our database feature matrix.

Before this release, prisma db pull did not pick up the unsupported features in a database. It was easy to lose them when running prisma migrate dev based on an existing Prisma schema if not included in a migration file using custom migrations.

To avoid this, we added introspection warnings that surface the existence of these features in your database and link to our documentation on how to manually work around the Prisma Schema with unsupported database features.

In this release, we added introspection warnings for the following features:

Prisma CLI will output warnings on introspection (prisma db pull) and add comments to your Prisma schema. In the coming releases, we will expand this to many more features labeled with topic: database-functionality on GitHub.

Improved support for Netlify and Vercel build process

Netlify and Vercel cache project dependencies during the build process and reuse that cache until dependencies change. While this helps speed up the build process, any postinstall scripts of these dependencies will not be executed.

Prisma uses a postinstall script in its package to automatically trigger the customized generation of Prisma Client for your Prisma Schema. When a dependency cache is used, that generation process is not triggered, and an outdated Prisma Client may be used in your application.

When you update your Prisma Schema but not your dependencies, Prisma Client will not be generated for the new schema. For example, columns you added recently to one of your models will not be present in the Prisma Client API - causing errors.

This problem can be avoided by:

  1. Adding a custom postinstall script in your package.json file
  2. Manually adding a prisma generate step to the 鈥淏uild鈥 scripts of Vercel and Netlify.

We now added detection of this scenario and will prevent a build without an additional prisma generate. This will ensure you're aware of the problem early and get guidance on how to fix this problem. You can read more on how to do this in our docs 鈥 Vercel caching troubleshooting, Netlify caching troubleshooting.

Better support for pnpm as a package manager

Before this release, Prisma only used npm scripts which would lead to undesirable behavior for a project using a different package manager such as pnpm and yarn. This release improves the detection of the package managers in your project by using ni. If you're still running into this problem, let us know by creating a GitHub issue.

Segmentation fault and TLS connection error fix

In this release, we've fixed a TLS connection error segmentation fault. This mostly affected users running on Node.js 17 or later with OpenSSL 1.1 when using TLS to connect to their database.

JSON protocol Preview feature feedback

We have fixed multiple bugs for the jsonProtocol Preview feature and are close to making it Generally Available. We are still looking for feedback about its usage to ensure it is ready and works as expected for everyone.

We would appreciate it if you would try it out, help us polish the feature, and move it to General Availability. Testing it requires little effort. You can test it using the following steps:

  1. Enabling the jsonProtocol Preview feature in your Prisma schema
  2. Re-generating Prisma Client
  3. Running your application or tests to make sure everything works

We encourage you to leave your feedback in this GitHub issue or create a bug report if your run into any issues.

Fixes and improvements

Prisma Client

Prisma Migrate

Language tools (e.g. VS Code)


Huge thanks to @KhooHaoYit, @rintaun, @maxmartynov, @haneenmahd for helping!

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