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@jharrell jharrell released this 14 May 14:49
· 124 commits to main since this release

Today, we are excited to share the 5.14.0 stable release 🎉

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We’re happy to announce the availability of a new, top-level Prisma Client query: createManyAndReturn(). It works similarly to createMany() but uses a RETURNING clause in the SQL query to retrieve the records that were just created.

Here’s an example of creating multiple posts and then immediately returning those posts.

const postBodies = req.json()['posts']

const posts ={
  data: postBodies

return posts

Additionally,createManyAndReturn() supports the same options as findMany(), such as the ability to return only specific fields.

const postBodies = req.json()['posts']

const postTitles ={
  data: postBodies,
  select: {
    title: true,

return postTitles

Full documentation for this feature can be found in the Prisma Client API Reference.

Note: Because createManyAndReturn() uses the RETURNING clause, it is only supported by PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, and SQLite databases. At this time, relationLoadStrategy: join is not supported in createManyAndReturn() queries.

MongoDB performance improvements

Previously, Prisma ORM suffered from performance issues when using the in operator or when including related models in queries against a MongoDB database. These queries were translated by the Prisma query engine in such a way that indexes were skipped and collection scans were used, leading to slower queries especially on large datasets.

With 5.14.0, Prisma ORM now rewrites queries to use a combination of $or and $eq operators, leading to dramatic performance increases for queries that include in operators or relation loading.

Fixes and improvements

Prisma Client

Prisma Migrate

Language tools (e.g. VS Code)

Company news

Prisma Changelog

Curious about all things Prisma? Be sure to check out the Prisma Changelog for updates across Prisma's products, including ORM, Accelerate, and Pulse!

New product announcement: Prisma Optimize

With this release, we are excited to introduce a new Prisma product. We’re calling it “Optimize” because that’s what it does! Let your favorite ORM also help you debug the performance of your application.

Check out our announcement blog post for more details, including a demo video.


Huge thanks to @pranayat, @yubrot, @skyzh, @anuraaga, @gutyerrez, @avallete, @ceddy4395, @Kayoshi-dev for helping!