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@ruheni ruheni released this 14 Nov 14:04
· 86 commits to main since this release

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Driver adapters improvements (Preview)

In version 5.4.0, we released driverAdapters into Preview. The driverAdapters feature enables Prisma Client to access your database using JavaScript or Serverless database drivers.

In this release, we fixed many bugs for the existing driver adapters. We appreciate all the community feedback that has helped us improve this feature!

PlanetScale serverless driver adapter improvements

This release also introduces a small breaking change to the @prisma/adapter-planetscale package to improve its stability and performance. The serverless driver adapter will now use a connection pool instead of a single connection from PlanetScale鈥檚 serverless driver.

In case you鈥檙e using the @prisma/adapter-planetscale, update your Prisma Client instance with the following:

-import { connect } from '@planetscale/database'
+import { Client } from '@planetscale/database'
import { PrismaPlanetScale } from '@prisma/adapter-planetscale'
import { PrismaClient } from '@prisma/client'
import { fetch as undiciFetch } from 'undici';

-const connection = connect({ url: connectionString, fetch: undiciFetch })
+const client = new Client({ url: connectionString, fetch: undiciFetch })

-const adapter = new PrismaPlanetScale(connection)
+const adapter = new PrismaPlanetScale(client)

const prisma = new PrismaClient({ adapter })

If you run into the following error: [TypeError]: PrismaPlanetScale must be initialized with an instance of Client., you can use the following snippet when defining your Prisma Client instance:

import { createRequire } from "node:module";
import { PrismaPlanetScale } from "@prisma/adapter-planetscale";
import { fetch as undiciFetch } from 'undici';

const require = createRequire(import.meta.url);
const { Client } = require("@planetscale/database");

const client = new Client({ url:  process.env.DATABASE_URL , fetch: undiciFetch })
const adapter = new PrismaPlanetScale(client);

Request for feedback

We encourage you to try out the driver adapters and share your feedback to help us move it to General Availability in either of the following GitHub discussions:

Refer to our docs to learn more about driver adapters.

New prisma debug command

This release introduces a new command: prisma debug. The command provides debugging information such as environment variables that Prisma Client, Prisma Migrate, Prisma CLI, and Prisma Studio use. The command is also useful when creating a bug report as the information complements the output of the prisma -v command.

You can learn more about the command in our docs.

Read replicas extension improvements

We also released version 0.3.0 of the @prisma/extension-read-replicas package that contains the following improvements:

  • A new $replica() method that explicitly enables you to use a replica for your query.

    For example, by default, the queryRaw and executeRaw methods are forwarded to the primary database, as they could try to write to the database. You can use the $replica() method with either of the *Raw methods to explicitly execute your query against a replica instead of your primary database.

  • Validation for when there鈥檚 an empty list of replicas.

  • Webpack bundling fixes

We want to thank you, our community members, for your contributions! 馃檹

You can find additional information on the changes in the extension鈥檚 release. You can learn more about the extension in the announcement blog post.

Package provenance

npm has introduced provenance statements to improve supply-chain security and transparency of packages. This allows developers to verify where and how packages are built.

Starting with the 5.6.0 release, all npm packages for Prisma ORM will be published with provenance statements. If you maintain a Prisma Client extension or generator, we encourage you to enable provenance statements when publishing to npm.

Fixes and improvements

Prisma Migrate

Prisma Client

Prisma CLI


Huge thanks to @onichandame, @LucianBuzzo, @RobertCraigie, @fqazi, @KhooHaoYit, @alencardc, @Oreilles, @christianledgard, @skyzh, @alula, @luxaritas, @Nasfame, @lukahartwig, @steebchen, @icanipa for helping!

Company news

Prisma Accelerate is now Generally Available

We're excited to share that Prisma Accelerate is now Generally Available. Prisma Accelerate is a global database cache that's available in over 280 locations and provides scalable connection pooling for serverless and edge applications.

Learn more in the announcement blog post. Sign up and try out Prisma Accelerate here.

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If you're interested in joining our growing team to help empower developers to build data-intensive applications, Prisma is the place for you.

We're hiring for an Engineering Manager: Prisma Data Platform.