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@nikolasburk nikolasburk released this 30 Jan 14:58
· 145 commits to main since this release

Today, we are excited to share the 5.9.0 stable release 🎉 

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This release brings a number of small improvements as we continue our work on larger features which you will hear more about in the coming weeks:

  • Improve the performance of relation queries by introducing JOINs (see last release).
  • Support deployment to edge functions (already available in Early Access, you can apply for trying it out by taking our survey).


Optimized result sets for more efficient queries

We continue our efforts of the performance of Prisma Client queries. In 5.1.0, we introduced the RETURNING keyword for several queries on PostrgeSQL and CockroachDB. We now expanded the use of RETURNING to SQLite and a broader range of queries for existing databases (e.g. delete on PostgreSQL and MongoDB). You can learn more about the optimizations of the result sets in these PRs:

SQL Server: Return proper error for unreachable database

When trying migrate/introspect a SQL server instance that’s unreachable, Prisma ORM now returns the correct P1001 error instead of failing without an error. Learn more in this PR: SQL Server: Migrate/Introspection engine doesn't return P1001 error for unreachable url.

Fixes and improvements

Prisma Client

Prisma Migrate

Language tools (e.g. VS Code)

Company news

Test edge functions support in Early Access

Today, the only way how to use Prisma ORM in edge functions (e.g. Cloudflare Workers or Vercel Edge Functions) is by using Prisma Accelerate. However, we are actively working on making Prisma ORM compatible with edge functions natively as well. If you want to become an early tester, you can apply for the private Early Accessing program by taking this survey.

We Transitioned Prisma Accelerate to IPv6 Without Anyone Noticing

Last year, AWS announced the decision to begin charging for IPv4 addresses beginning in February 2024. This move had a major impact on Prisma Accelerate, prompting us to go all-in on IPv6. Learn more in this technical deep dive into how we approached our IPv6 migration, lessons learned, and the outcome for users of Prisma Accelerate.


Huge thanks to @laplab, @Druue, @anuraaga, @onichandame, @LucianBuzzo, @RobertCraigie, @almeidx, @victorgdb, @tinola, @sampolahtinen, @AikoRamalho, @petradonka for helping!