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Prisma 2

This repository is used as a central point to collect information and issues around Prisma 2 while it's in Preview. It also contains the documentation.

Prisma 2 is currently in Preview! Limitations include missing features, limited performance and stability issues. You can track the progress of Prisma 2 on

What is Prisma?

Prisma is an application data framework consisting of these tools:

  • Photon: A type-safe database client ("ORM replacement")
  • Lift: Declarative data modeling and migrations
  • Studio: Admin UI to support various database workflows

While each tool can be used standalone (in both greenfield and brownfield projects), they integrate nicely through common components like the Prisma schema or the Prisma 2 CLI.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started with Photon and/or Lift is by installing the Prisma 2 CLI and running the interactive init command:

npm install -g prisma2
prisma2 init hello-prisma

The interactive prompt will ask you to provide database credentials for your database. If you don't have a database yet, select SQLite and let the CLI set up a database file for you.

Learn more about the prisma2 init flow here or get started with a holistic tutorial.


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