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Getting started

The quickest way to get started with Photon and/or Lift is by installing the Prisma CLI and running the interactive init command:

npm install -g prisma2
prisma2 init hello-prisma

Note: Lift and Photon are currently in Preview! Limitations include missing features and limited performance issues.

The prisma2 init flow

When running prisma2 init, the Prisma Framework CLI launches an interactive wizard that helps you get started with Photon and/or Lift.

The following sections explain a few screens you might encounter as you run through the prisma2 init flow. Because the flow and the order of the screens vary depending on your selections, the screens below might not follow the order in which you encounter them.

Blank project vs Starter kits

At first, the wizard prompts you to select either of two options:

  • Blank project: Blank projects can be used when you want to start a new project from scratch. This option also supports introspecting an existing database.
  • Starter kit: Starter kits provide runnable examples for various use cases, they're based on the example projects in the prisma-examples repository. The wizard will help you connect a starter kit to your own database. Note that starter kits can only be used in empty directories and with empty databases. If you don't have a database running, you can select SQLite.

Database selection

Later, the wizard asks you which kind of database you want to use with Photon/Lift. Currently, the following databases are supported:

  • SQLite
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB (coming soon)

Note that both, MySQL and PostgreSQL options, required you to run a database that you can connect to in the next step. If you don't have a database running, choose SQLite and let the wizard create a new SQLite database file for you.

Database credentials

After having selected MySQL or PostgreSQL in the database selection, you need to provide the database connection details and user credentials for your database server. Check out the MySQL and PostgreSQL connector docs to learn about the connection string format and the required info.

Selecting Prisma tools (Photon/Lift)

If you start with an existing database and the Prisma Framework CLI performed introspection against it to generate the Prisma schema, you will be asked to select which Prisma tools you want to use:

Note: If you select only Photon or only Lift, it will still be possible to add the other tool to your project later.

Language selection

If you're starting with a new database or are using a starter kit, you're prompted for the language in which you want to access your database. Currently Photon is available in the following languages:

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Go (coming soon)

Installing the Prisma CLI


npm install -g prisma2


yarn global add prisma2
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