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How to provide feedback for Prisma 2?

Prisma 2 is currently running in Preview and has a number of limitations. It is not yet considered production-ready! There will a General Availability release later this year where we issue a stable and production-ready version.

We are aware that we have been moving very fast and Prisma users had to endure a number of breaking changes since the initial Prisma release in January 2018.

Our primary goal with Prisma 2 is to minimize breaking changes in the future.

For that, a full rewrite of Prisma was necessary so that we can build upon a proper foundation to address the use cases and requirements that have been brought up by our community members over the past two years.


  • Join the #prisma2-preview channel on Slack
  • Track the progress of Prisma 2 here:
  • Open issues in following repos:
    • General Prisma 2 questions and catch-all for problems and questions: prisma 2
    • Problems/questions regarding Lift: lift
    • Problems/questions regarding Photon.js: photonjs

Your opinion matters – a lot!

While Prisma 2 is running in Preview, you can still help us steer the high-level direction as well as figure out specifics of how Prisma should work! After we issue a stable release of Prisma 2 later this year, there will be a lot less leeway to incorporate major changes into Prisma 2. Now is the right time to provide feedback!

There are multiple ways how you can provide feedback! See below for a number of different options.

Informal and personal discussions on Slack

We have created a dedicated Slack channel for the pioneers that are exploring Prisma 2: #prisma2-preview.

This Slack channel is mainly used for quick and informal conversations. If you have product feedback, questions or run into bugs, please be sure to persist these on GitHub (more info in the sections below). When you're asking a question on Slack, you can ideally already link to a corresponding GitHub issue so that this question can be answered in public.

Product feedback, feature requests and wild wishes on GitHub

As mentioned above, while Prisma 2 is running in Preview, there is still time to share your opinion of how Prisma 2 should work. Please make sure to persists any kind of product feedback, feature requests or wild wishes as a GitHub issue in the prisma2 repository!

Reporting issues and asking questions on GitHub

Whenever you're running into an issue with Prisma 2, it's likely that it's not your fault, but ours!

In any of the following scenarios, please make sure to create a GitHub issue to bring your problem to our attention:

  • You're running into an error.
  • You have a question about something.
  • You expected something to work differently.
  • You are suprised by a certain behaviour.
  • The documentation on something isn't clear.
  • You wish there was documentation on something.

If your issue relates to either Photon or Lift specifically, you can open an issue directly in the respective repos:

Otherwise, the default place for opening issues is the official prisma2 repo (when in doubt, create the issue here):

Once you created a GitHub issue, feel free to post it in the #prisma2-preview Slack channel so that we can react quickly.

We are here for you

We are extremely eager to get your feedback! Please feel free to reach out to us personally during the Preview period if you can't find an appropriate place for your specific feedback.

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