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Raising an InvalidTokenException if invalid token #1

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I'm really, really not sure I'm doing this right; but I keep having that "invalid access token" issue, and I would just like to be able to sign out automatically when it happens.
But to do that, I need to know when it happens, and I figured the cleaner way to do it was to do it was to raise it as soon as the response comes back.
But I'm using a string comparison to do it; that's what makes me think there's probably a better way to do it.
Let me know.

@dohzya member
dohzya commented Nov 19, 2013

Small mistake on the test:

JSON.parse(response.body)['error'] == "Invalid access token"

(FYI include? checks if an object is present in a collection)

The test is based on the error message, so I'm afraid it is not so robust.
I think you should add a more generic AuthenticationException and raise it when the response.code is 401.
For instance:

if response.code == "401"
  error = JSON.parse(response.body)['error'] || response.body
  raise AuthenticationException, "Authentication Error : #{error}"

Ok, I didn't realize a 401 was raised, I thought it was a 500 ; so yeah, obviously, much better.

Now that you explained to me how to run this, I'll be able to write it and test it, so there shouldn't be many surprises. :)

I'll look at it today.

@rudyrigot rudyrigot closed this Nov 19, 2013

Take care there are both 401 and 403 cases to handle.

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