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@@ -4,6 +4,20 @@ This is a blank Rails project that will connect to any [](https://pris
repository. It uses the Ruby developement kit, and provides few helpers
to use it with Rails.
+### How to start?
+If you haven't yet, install the latest versions of [Ruby](, [Rails]( and [RubyGems](
+After forking and cloning the starter kit, it is immediately operational, so you can launch your `rails server` command. You may have to update your gems by running `bundle install`, but Rails will tell you about it if you must.
+The output of your `rails server` command tells you which URL to visit on your browser to see your brand new Rails application.
+### Configuring
+By default, the starter kit uses the public API of the "Les Bonnes Choses" repository; its endpoint is ``. You may want to start by editing the `config/prismic.yml` file to make your Rails application points to your repository.
+To get the OAuth configuration working, go to the Applications panel in your repository settings, and create an OAuth application to allow interactive sign-in. Just create a new application, fill the application name and the callback URL (localhost URLs are always authorized, so at development time you can omit to fill the Callback URL field), and copy/paste the clientId & clientSecret tokens into the `config/prismic.yml` file.
### Licence
This software is licensed under the Apache 2 license, quoted below.

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