A kinect library for quil.
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A kinect library for quil.

External Dependencies

Bifocals relies on the OpenNI drivers and middleware for kinect, which must be installed seperately. See the SimpleOpenNI installation instructions for more info.

You must have a kinect plugged in to your computer. This may require a usb adapter for your kinect.


Bifocals is available from clojars. Add [bifocals "0.0.2"] to your project.clj then (:require [bifocals.core :as bifocals) in your ns statement.

There are some well-commented examples of using bifocals in the examples folder. To run the examples from this repo, first run lein compile to compile the java wrapper. Then fire up a REPL (lein repl) and type, e.g., (use 'bifocals.examples.2D).

All public functions and vars in the core namespace have docstrings (generated documentation forthcoming: having some issues with autodoc and classpaths).


Copyright (C) 2012 Dan Lidral-Porter

The Java wrapper bifocals uses to communicate with OpenNI is a slightly modified SimpleOpenNI, which is (C) 2011 Max Rheiner / Interaction Design Zhdk.

Distributed under the GNU General Public License, v3. See LICENSE for full text.